Divorce Prevention is Homelessness Prevention

Affordable Housing and Homelessness.

I donated several hours of pro bono legal service last year to a local nonprofit whose mission is to increase the supply of high-quality affordable housing in our area.  This is a noble calling, in my opinion.

Lack of affordable housing contributes to homeless, as I explain below.

Homelessness has become a massive social problem across the USA.  We read and hear story upon story about homeless camps in cities such as Seattle, L.A., and Austin.

Governments, businesses, and humanitarian organizations are spending huge amounts in an effort to find more places for people to live.

Homelessness has many causes, such as the recent trend of adding scores of high-paying tech jobs in our city centers.  These high-income earners want to live near their jobs, and they have the money to bid up the price of housing.  This makes it harder for low & moderate incomer earners to find affordable housing.

Other well-publicized causes include drug abuse and untreated mental illness.

Divorce Contributes to Homelessness.

One contributing factor that may not come readily to mind is divorce.  Most divorces result in a demand for more housing.  Those divorces also strain the resources of the divorcing spouses, making it harder for them to find affordable housing as well.

It stands to reason, in my opinion, that divorce prevention equals homelessness prevention.

I encourage everyone to consider these costs the next time a friend or relative says they are considering getting a divorce.  Help them understand the misery they will face, and also help them understand the ripple effects (including homelessness) each divorce creates.

Thank you!

Michael Oswald



Please note: the above post contains educational information. It is not intended as legal advice. Engage an attorney who is licensed in your state to get advice on dealing with any specific legal issue.

© 2020 Michael S. Oswald

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