Is COVID-19 Putting Your Trade Secrets at Risk?

Working from Home and an Economic Downturn Are Creating a Perfect Storm for Increased Theft of Trade Secrets.

Optimizing the Multi-Generational Workforce

Helping Employers Optimize the Multi-Generational Workforce.

Several law firms have provided excellent Continuing Legal Ed programs in response to COVID19. Morgan Lewis is one of those firms.

Is Your Company Making These Common OT Misclassification Errors?

Employment Law Resources: Littler and ComplianceHR.

Littler, Mendelson is one of the nation’s premier Employment law firms.  I recently took their continuing legal education webinar titled: “Overtime Violations Lurking in Your Company: The Five Most Misclassified Jobs Under the FLSA.”

Fraudulent Leave Prevention is Not Just for Large Employers!

Good Advice on Preventing FMLA Fraud & Abuse.

Jeff Nowak is an expert on the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”). The Federal FMLA applies to public agencies to private sector employers with at least 50 employees (plus additional qualification requirements).

One More Great Reason to Write Great Job Descriptions

Talloo: Collaboration, Boise Style.

I belong to a cutting-edge business development community called Talloo. It is based in Boise, and it combines an online marketplace with small, in-person groups. Each group has a market-specific focus, such as Commercial Real Estate Development, Technology, and Small Business Owners.

What can Other Professionals Learn from Real Estate Broker Risk Management Practices?

My friend Fred Moreno is an engineer and former COO of a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company.  He was fond of saying: “A change of perspective is worth 30 IQ points.”  Come to think of it, I’m rather fond of that phrase myself.

Do Employers Really Face Criminal Liability for Immigration Law Violations?

You may not realize that employers could face criminal charges if they hire people who aren’t legally permitted to work in the U.S.  If not, consider this your wake-up call! … Continue reading Do Employers Really Face Criminal Liability for Immigration Law Violations?