Hi! I’m Michael Oswald. I am a business guy who also happens to be a lawyer. I love living in Boise, Idaho! I’ve also had the pleasure of living in Silicon Valley, Colorado Springs, Austin, and Orange County, CA. I started this blog so business owners and senior execs could find actionable guidance on common legal issues. Titles of posts I have previously written include: “The Managerial Overtime Exemption, and How to Keep It,” “Using a Sales Contract that speeds up Getting to Yes,” and “Tone at the Top is Vital for Preventing Sexual Harassment!” I provide a wide range of business-savvy legal services to small and medium companies and nonprofits. I am also certified to teach Real Estate Law by the Idaho Real Estate Commission. My favorite thing to do for a business is to take their standard sales contract and strip it down from an unintelligible 20-page monstrosity to a concise, 3-page doc that is easy for their customers to understand and to sign! I have experience in a number of industries, including Real Estate, Construction, Defense, and Technology (Hardware, Software and E-Commerce). I look forward to collaborating with you!

Fair Housing Act Reasonable Accommodations

In last week’s post, Fair Housing Act Trap for Real Estate Owners and Agents, I wrote about the Fair Housing Act and how it poses risks to those who own or manage rental housing. Those risks include being charged with discrimination for treating persons with disabilities differently from other customers.

Fair Housing Act Trap for Real Estate Owners and Agents

Do you own or manage rental housing? Are you a real estate agent who deals (at least in part) in residential properties?  If so, the Fair Housing Act likely applies … Continue reading Fair Housing Act Trap for Real Estate Owners and Agents

Is the “Gig Economy” Threatened by a CA Supreme Court Ruling?

The April 30, 2018 California Supreme Court case of Dynamex Operations West v. Superior Court is sending shock waves across the USA.  Although the holding only interpreted California law, some … Continue reading Is the “Gig Economy” Threatened by a CA Supreme Court Ruling?

Minimizing Legal Costs via Good Alignment

In the book Good to Great by Jim Collins, he spoke about the importance of aligning people with the mission of an organization.  He used the illustration of the company … Continue reading Minimizing Legal Costs via Good Alignment

Website Security and Privacy – Do’s and Don’ts

The Federal Trade Commission announced on February 27, 2018 https://bit.ly/2pIAQIW that it has settled a complaint it had filed against Venmo, PayPal’s peer-to-peer payment service, for misrepresentations to consumers about its website security and privacy settings.

Want to Avoid Getting Sued? Get it in Writing!

I recently asked several litigation attorneys if they had identified any trends in the business world regarding the kinds of conduct that was getting people sued. I got a wide range of answers, but the common theme was: a failure to get an agreement in writing.