Hi! I’m Michael Oswald. I am a business guy who also happens to be a lawyer. I love living in Boise, Idaho! I’ve also had the pleasure of living in Silicon Valley, Colorado Springs, Austin, and Orange County, CA. I started this blog so business owners and senior execs could find actionable guidance on common legal issues. Titles of posts I have previously written include: “The Managerial Overtime Exemption, and How to Keep It,” “Using a Sales Contract that speeds up Getting to Yes,” and “Tone at the Top is Vital for Preventing Sexual Harassment!” I provide a wide range of business-savvy legal services to small and medium companies and nonprofits. I am also certified to teach Real Estate Law by the Idaho Real Estate Commission. My favorite thing to do for a business is to take their standard sales contract and strip it down from an unintelligible 20-page monstrosity to a concise, 3-page doc that is easy for their customers to understand and to sign! I have experience in a number of industries, including Real Estate, Construction, Defense, and Technology (Hardware, Software and E-Commerce). I look forward to collaborating with you!

Reality Check – Employee Misclassification is Very Costly!

Why Use Independent Contractors? Business owners appreciate the flexibility and potential cost savings of using Independent Contractors to provide goods and services to their companies. What Are the Risks if … Continue reading Reality Check – Employee Misclassification is Very Costly!

A Business Case for Sexual Harassment Training in the #MeToo Era

The #MeToo movement has cost a number of entertainment industry figures their jobs (and arguably in the case of Bill Cosby, his liberty). The industry appears to have had a toxic culture when it comes to treatment of employees by powerful men.

Does Your Workplace Have an Effective Reporting System?

As I wrote in my October 10, 2018 article Preventing Harassment in Your Workplace employers have a legal duty to provide a safe, harassment-free environment for their employees, independent contractors, suppliers … Continue reading Does Your Workplace Have an Effective Reporting System?

Your Appraisal Fell Through – Now What?

I recently discussed my Cutting Corners blog post with Julie Schott in the Meridian, Idaho office of NexTitle http://www.nextitle.com. She added insight from the perspective of the title companies, namely, that in this sizzling market they are seeing deals fall through for two reasons:

Cutting Corners in a Sizzling Market Gets Everyone in Hot Water

Sizzling Real Estate Markets. I live in Boise, a city that is on a number of the “Best Places to (Live; do Business; Retire; etc.)” lists these days.  I’m sure … Continue reading Cutting Corners in a Sizzling Market Gets Everyone in Hot Water

Can a Non-Profit Entity’s Employees also be Volunteers?

On May 2, 2018, I wrote For-Profit Companies Must Pay “Volunteers.”  I wanted to help entrepreneurs understand that the people who provide something of value to their companies must be compensated for it.

Fair Housing Act Reasonable Accommodations

In last week’s post, Fair Housing Act Trap for Real Estate Owners and Agents, I wrote about the Fair Housing Act and how it poses risks to those who own or manage rental housing. Those risks include being charged with discrimination for treating persons with disabilities differently from other customers.