How to be Generous as a Company

Why be Generous as a Company?

One of my key take-aways from the Morgan Lewis law firm’s webinar on The Fourth Industrial Revolution is that there is a growing recognition that company culture is a business strategy issue.

I believe that a vital company is one with a culture of generosity. A company with a generous culture has an edge in attracting talent. Generosity drives employee and customer retention. It enhances job satisfaction and improves performance.

Socially committed workers expect employers to be continually focused on making the local society better.  Companies that make and then deliver on a public promise to do this will have an advantage in recruiting and retaining these workers.

Culture Strategist Amber Johnson says:

The keys to intentionally creating and living your culture are:

  • Start by defining what you want your culture to look like. Mission, purpose, and values are a great place to launch from.
  • Everyone’s voice matters, involve your team in identifying the desired culture and behaviors that demonstrate it.
  • Operationalize your culture weaving it into everything you do through your tools, resources, rituals and processes.
  • Culture isn’t static, regularly evaluate your culture to ensure you are living your desired culture.

For more information and to schedule a Culture Strategy conversation, please go to

What are the Attributes of a Generous Company?

  • Generous companies get that way on purpose.
  • They make generosity part of their strategic plan.
  • They cultivate generous people as customers, suppliers, and employees.
  • They allocate company-paid time for employees to serve where they are called to serve.
  • They develop ways to measure and reward employee generosity.
  • Generosity starts at the top and quickly becomes part of the company culture.

Take Action to Build a Culture of Generosity.

  • Actively promote and measure equality of opportunity.
  • Encourage speaking up.
  • Offer flexible working arrangements.
  • Recognize and reward good work.  Say thank you!
  • Implement training and policies that that combat harassment and promote inclusion. A great way to do that is to become a member of WeVow.  From the company’s about page:

“WeVow equips organizations to communicate how much they value their people. When people feel cared for and safe, it allows them to be their best. WeVow is designed to give people 100% clarity that sexual harassment is not tolerated in an organization.”

Learn more at

FYI – I am honored to call WeVow a client.


Your company is going to have a culture whether you want it or not.  Why not be purposeful about creating a great one?

Thank you!

Michael Oswald

Please note: the above post contains educational information. It is not intended as legal advice. Engage an attorney who is licensed in your state to get advice on dealing with any specific legal issue.

© 2020 Michael S. Oswald

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